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Founded in 2019, Historia Education is an online video resource producer which gives educators access to short-form content, that is related to the National Curriculum in the UK.

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Historia's presenter: Jack, works alongside Linear Productions, a production company based in Buckinghamshire. He has years of experience as a history teacher and has been involved in educational research projects.


As we find ourselves in the midst of a technological revolution, digital mediums are becoming a key way of transfering information. The value of short-form content has been extensively researched for educational teaching aids; the current consensus being that video has an unquestionable place in education in the contemporary world.

Historia - Hidden Histories

The Hidden Histories collection runs alongside our other series and focuses on the lesser known facts and events that occured in the past. We investigate the ghost army of World War II, the history of fish and chips, the origins of DNA Profiling and more.

Historia - Series 1: Securing his Kingdom

Series 1 is centred around how William secured control of England after the Norman invasion and defeat of Harold Godwinson in 1066. It follows a story of conquest and strategic restructuring, but also of brutality and death. It is a story of the numerous, remarkable methods William used to control England.

Historia - Series 2: Gaining Rights in the UK

This series is currently in production.

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